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      Running Routes

      Here are some local routes to check out on your next walk or run.  Click on a map to see the details.

      Want to share one of your favorite routes?  We'd love to hear from you.  Simply create your route in Google Maps, create a link to share the map, and email us.



      Trail Guide

      A guide to trails in and around Jefferson County, WV, carefully crafted by the team at Two Rivers Treads.

      Please remember that some of these trails are harder than others so it is important to respect your own personal physical limits.



      - Road
      - Grassy
      - Steep
      - Rocky

      James Hite Park

      James Hite Park

      1425 Hite Road, Kearneysville, WV

      Distance: 2 Miles
      Difficulty: Easy
      Terrain: Crushed gravel path with grass
      Parking: Ample parking at Hite Road Park
      Port-a-pots available *

      Thanks to a partnership with Freedom's Run, Jefferson County Parks and Rec Center, and the Jefferson County Commission, this wonderful 2-mile path loops around the abundant new athletic fields for the youth of Jefferson County. Be sure to check it out!





      Antietam Battlefield

      Antietam Battlefield

      Sharpsburg, MD

      Distance: 1 - 6 Miles
      Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult
      Terrain: Variety of grassy fields, single track wood trails and gravel paths
      Parking: Antietam Battlefield Visitor Center, Sherrick Farm Trail, Antietam National Cemetary
      Restrooms at Visitors Center during seasonal hours *

      Antietam National Battlefield features a variety of hiking, walking and running trails of varied length. Trail guides are available for download and offer a historical overview of battlefield locations. 





      Maryland Heights & Stone Fort

      Maryland Heights & Stone Fort
      Harper's Ferry, WV

      Distance:  Train Station to Trail Head - 0.8 miles
                        Trail Head to Overlook, Roundtrip - 3 miles
                        Trail Head, Stone Fort & Overlook , Roundtrip - 5 miles
      Difficulty:  Difficult
      Terrain: Dirt trails, single track, forest service road
      Parking: Limited parking at trail head, train station and lower town lot on Shenandoah Street -- Shuttle from visitor center at Cavalier Heights

      Restrooms at visitors center and train station during seasonal hours *

      This is a challenging trail hike with sections of hilly, dirt trails leading to a scenic overlook of the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers with lower town Harper's Ferry. A must see for all who visit.





      Sam Michael's Park

      Sam Michaels Park
      235 Sam Michael's Land, Shenandoah Junction, WV

      Distance: 1-4 Miles, Multiple loops
      Difficulty: Easy
      Terrain: Mixed grass and paved trail
      Parking: Ample parking at the Recreation Center

      This 130-acre park is located at the Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Center near Harper's Ferry, Charles Town and Shepherdstown. The sparse acreage lends well to community events and offers the perfect place to host weddings, wedding receptions, reunions and other family events.

      Restrooms available during hours at the Rec Center *




      Weverton Cliffs

      Weverton Cliffs - From Harper's Ferry
      Sandy Hook, MD

      Distance: 2 Miles - 9.5 Miles
      Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
      Terrain: Rocky, steep
      Parking: Parking lot off of Weverton Cliff Road or parking from Harper's Ferry along C&O Canal to Weverton

      * No restrooms available *

      A landmark on the Appalachian Trail, Weverton Cliffs is a feature to locals in the town of Sandy Hook, MD. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Potomac River when reaching the top. Great family hike!





      Loudoun Heights

      Loudoun Heights
      Harper's Ferry, WV

      Distance: 6 - 8 Miles
      Difficulty: Very Difficult
      Terrain: Single track, dirt trails, very rocky at sections
      Parking: Limited parking in lower town lot on Shenandoah Street and 340 shuttle from Cavalier Heights Visitor Center

      Loudoun Heights is a very challenging hike on the Appalachian Trail. It contains sections of steep, rocky, dirt trails leading to a scenic overlook of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers and Harper's Ferry.





      Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

      Cumberland, Md - Washington, DC

      Distance: 184.5 Miles
      Difficulty: Easy
      Terrain: Flat, crushed gravel trail
      Parking: Numerous access points to the C&O canal towpath features ample parking space, restroom facilities, and water pumps

      Stretching the 184.5 miles from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown in the heart of Washington D.C., to the scenic mountains of Cumberland Maryland, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park is the "backyard" of many communities.


      Appalachian Trail

      Georgia - Maine

      Distance: Any distance stretching 2,175 Miles
      Difficulty: Very Difficult
      Terrain: Rocky, Mountainous Trail
      Parking: WV - Town of Harper's Ferry, Route 9 - Keyes Gap
      MD- Weverton parking lot, Gathland State Park, South Mountain

      The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, stretching from Georgia to Maine, highlights some of the most beautiful parks and towns along the East Coast of the US. Conceived in 1921 and completed in 1937, private citizens built the trail. From Maine's Mount Katahdin and Georgia's Springer Mountain, this footpath traverses through 14 states along the Eastern US.


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