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A little about the transition and our shoes.

We have run in every shoe we sell, which is unusual for most stores.  A more level shoe can take some time to adjust to as you develop a more efficient running form. Be progressive as you make adaptations and changes.  Minimal shoes feel different from traditional running shoes.  The increased ground feel allows your body to adjust to the forces of running in a more efficient way and is optimal for learning natural running form and technique.

Without a firm message to the nervous system our body does not know which muscles to use, how hard to turn them on, and how long to keep them on for. To get a clear message in thick/soft shoes we are forced to strike the ground harder and drive the foot onto a firm surface to give us the feedback we require. So to overcome our shoes, which we were originally wearing to prevent us from slamming our feet into the ground, we are paradoxically forced to slam our feet into the ground. 

Transition comfortably and avoid heel striking. The foot is designed to be an amazing shock absorber that works on a combination of the plantar fascia and the lower leg. The plantar fascia is an enormously strong spring that is capable of assisting in energy return during gait if we allow it to. But landing on the heel prevents this from happening as we are landing with a non-absorbent object (bone) onto the hard ground.

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Use our resources for improving running form on the Natural Running Center. 

If you have any questions about shoes or fit call our Running Specialists at (304) 885-8843. We are available 11am-6pm Eastern US Time Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm on Saturday, and 12pm-5pm on Sunday.  If the phone goes to voice mail we are helping a customer.  We will call you back.

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