Proper Fit by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

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Proper Fit by Dr. Mark Cucuzzella
Most of us have been taught our whole lives that we have a shoe size. But did you ever consider instead that you have a foot size? Most people have gone their whole lives wearing the wrong sized shoes. A proper fitting shoe will give you enough width for expansion of your foot when it comes into contact with the ground without squeezing or pinching any aspect of the foot. To learn all about the proper way to fit your feet for shoes, check out Dr. Mark's blog on the Natural Running Center. 
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Hi Dr…My husband and I attended Low Carb USA this year for the 3rd time and always fine learnings and inspiration from you. We started a facebook group in the 55+ community we live in in Florida just 4 weeks ago and have over 110 followers. Not sure where this will go just yet. Some time after our first in-person meeting, I’m going to propose we think about developing a community project such as Grandparents Against Obesity or Eat Better The Villages. Who knows. Anyway I’m wondering if you might share your Fun and Food book for us to use or just springboard from. Thank you in advance. So grateful for all you do in the Low Carb space. Kind Regards, Duke and MJ

Mary Jane Mihajlovic

Hello Mark,

I just moved to the area and visited your store yesterday; as well as participated with the run group JAG aka Bro and Bras. Great group. Very welcoming. I am interested in your shoe fitting. I have several things going on with my feet and am trying to get and stay injury free. Can you provide me more information.

Thank you.

Pam Eisert

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