Episode 10 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Kent Moreno

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Episode 10 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Kent Moreno

Meet "Barefoot Kent": Husband, father, Deadhead, vegetarian, runner.  Learn about his running adventures that find him dropping 70 pounds, pushing his son, Ben who is developmentally disabled, and finding the joy in running naturally.

Here's Kent knocking out the 2019 Harpers Ferry Half Marathon earlier this month.  No shoes....no problem!


During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we talk about what race day nutrition looks like when you've trained as a fat-burner.

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Show Notes

Upcoming events:


Running chairs for pushing individuals with disabilities:

  • Axion Stroller by Adaptive Star 
  • BOB Iromman Jogger (now sold as BOB Blaze Performance Stroller)
  • Eagle Push Racer by Eagle Sports Chairs
  • Freedom Push Chair by Advance Mobility 
  • Kool- Stride Special Needs Stroller
  • The Blade by Hoyt Running Chairs

 Chair seating inserts: Soft Touch Sitter by Special Tomato


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