Episode 13 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Casey Fisher

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Episode 13 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Casey Fisher

September was a crazy month!  We're getting back in the swing of things and sharing our adventures - Dr. Mark's travels around the globe sharing his medical expertise, another amazing Freedom's Run event, and Sarah's PR at the 2019 Grindstone 100 miler.  

We also talk about the direction performance-enhancing shoes is taking the sport of running in light of the recently set (albeit, unofficial) marathon world record time and the (very official) women's marathon record time.  

Then we get a chance to chat it up with local Thunder Squad TRT ambassador Casey Fisher about his recent finishes on the No Business 100, Freedom's Run, Miner's Lady, and some DNFs along the way.  It was super helpful to hear his take on post-ultra recovery too.  

If you want to reach out to Casey with any questions or for some helpful info on running, whether ultras or your first 5k, feel free to reach out to him by e-mail caseywfisher@gmail.com. Or you can find him on instagram @ultra_flash or Facebook: Casey Fisher.

What questions do you have for Dr. Mark?  Email Dr. Mark your questions for an upcoming podcast.


Show Notes

 Oh, and Casey was able to get his post-race buffalo wings in finally!


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