Episode 18 - Chris Looney on Creating Your Own Adventure

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Episode 18 - Chris Looney on Creating Your Own Adventure

Chris Looney stopped by Two Rivers Treads to share stories of his adventures thru-hiking and running on the Appalachian Trail, and how creativity has enabled him to find adventures this year even when races are cancelled.  From running a marathon in his backyard (literally!) to creating his own 100mi trail run, this quieter time has created space to try something new.

As a high school science teacher, we also hear his thoughts on the upcoming school year as teachers and students navigate COVID and virtual learning.  

Chris also shares how his cure for just about any problem on the trail comes in a small package with brown wrapping.  

Bonus! Chris brought his guitar along and shares some music he wrote, inspired by the mountains and trails.  

Follow Chris Looney on Instagram: @the_loonster 


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