Episode 8 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Colin Trower

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Episode 8 - Thunder Squad Interviews: Colin Trower

This episode is the start of a special series we’ll be doing.  We’re hoping to interview each of our TRT store ambassadors and have them share their stories with us.  We’ve drawn a ton of inspiration from them and their stories, so we hope to give you all the chance to do the same.

In this episode, we talk with one of our ambassadors, Colin Trower. This is Colin’s second year being one of our “Thunder Squad Ambassadors," and Colin describes how running and revamping his nutrition has dramatically improved his quality of life.  We hear about how he left a corporate job in Pennsylvania to travel in a RV for the last three years with his wife and sons as they looked for adventure, ran ultramarathons, and fell in love with Silverton, Colorado.  

During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we discuss warm-up exercises to keep you loose and limber (see "A, B, C, D Skips videos in the show notes for examples.)

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