Episode 9 - Boston and New Zealand Recap

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Episode 9 - Boston and New Zealand Recap

Dr. Mark shares some race highlights after completing his 25th Boston Marathon and then gives a recap of his trip to New Zealand where he helped at a coaching and sports nutrition conference with long-time friend Dr. Keith Livingston. He may be the longest documented survivor with advanced Glioblastoma Multiforme. He's survived through this for 12 yrs and 3 brain surgeries now. His book “Staring Down the Beast” which describes his unique approach to battling disease. The picture is Dr Keith and 2 other friends and legends in the running space now devoting their lives to the health of children- Olympic Medalists Rod Dixon and Lorraine Moller. Rob also won the epic 1983 NYC marathon and Lorraine took the Boston title in 1984. Both are native NZ and now living in the USA. Rod has shared his kids running program with over ½ million LA youth.  

Rod Dixon’s kids program highlighted on NZ TV- Look how many kids are barefoot!

Also notice how Rod will only high five kids.  This is from universal concern now of any adult touch with kids.  They all want to hug him but he will only allow a high five. It’s just the way it is.  Also the promise he made to Sir Edmund Hillary

We have a resource page for Lydiard materials hereOh and the traditional rich foods- full fat dairy, incredible eggs, and lamb amazing. Sadly the SAD (Standard American Diet)  has invaded and like Australia obesity and T2D are epidemic.

The incredible dairy products

Traditional dinner- eggs, steak, ham, veggies all together

Silver Beet- yum

Weet-Bix for Breakie - with only a pinch of sugar

"White Bait” which are small bait fish with eggs

Pavlova cake- a light merengue with real whip cream and fruit

Hot Cross buns everywhere for Easter week- a high carb treat but only for holiday

Krispy Kreme has landed…..lets hope they do not take over traditions


Here are a few pics of New Zealand!


Happy finishing my 25th Boston Marathon and no I did not eat the recommended 600g of carbs a day for 3 days prior and felt fine and happy. I gave a couple talks at the expo and sports med conf on how and why not to carbo load unless you are a super insulin sensitive and high performing athlete (the minority of Boston runners) .  Here is a pic at the finish of this amazing event celebrating health and humanity. It is a blessing to be healthy and able to wake up and go for a run.

And for fun I did not use this as my prerace fuel ☺


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