Episode 7 - It HURTS So Good, with Paul Encarnacion

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Episode 7 - It HURTS So Good, with Paul Encarnacion

In January 2019, Paul ran his fourth HURT 100 miler. We learn all about his wet and muddy adventure out in Hawaii, the difference between a "business mode" and "party mode" mindset in ultra endurance running, and the effects a low-carb diet has had on his running performance.

During the Q&A with Dr. Mark, we cover questions about staying in running shape when life gets too busy to rack up the miles, and how to know if you're burning fat when you run.

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Product Highlights:

  • Ahinsa: "Vegan" leather-like business casual shoes from Czechoslovakia - TRT is the first USA store to carry them!
  • Enda: Running shoes handmade in Kenya.
  • Cotopaxi: Colorful running jackets, backpacks, and duffels.
  • Altra Superior 4.0 is in stock.
  • Chico bags: Eliminate disposable shopping bags by taking these shopping. 

Show Notes:


"For the HURT 100, I ran in an XOSKIN 2.0 Form Fit Sleeveless shirt, XOSKIN compression shorts as a base layer, and XOSKIN 5.0 Pro Series Toe Socks. This gear provided great comfort and no chafing for the humid and wet weather at HURT this year. To try this apparel yourself, use code NINJA-XOSKIN20 at www.xoskin.us for 20% off your order."


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I’ve found your podcast after reading your book. At the end of this episode, you mention Ken in Northern Virginia who you recommend for testing to find your 50/50 crossover heartrate. Could you please provide the contact information for Ken’s lab? Also, I actually live in Pittsburgh and was wondering if you knew of/could recommend someone in this area for that similar type of testing?

Thank you so much,


Nathaniel Dirks

Thanks for having me on the podcast. After listening to it, I realized that I should have acknowledged a couple of injuries that I sustained from trail running after 2012 – ankle sprains from bad landings on the technical trails on Maryland Heights. So just that sort of trauma, but no overuse type injuries.

Paul Encarnacion

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