Winter Warrior Challenge 2024

New Year! New Challenge!
Have trouble staying motivated during the winter? Well, this winter, we are again rewarding you for staying active. We've created a challenge! Log miles OUTSIDE, whether walking or running or hiking from January 21st - March 21st and we'll reward you for your achievements! 

Again we have the 2 tier system so pick your level of challenge and sign up.
Tier 1 is the Challenge that is working towards earning your TRT Gift Card. This tier will cost $10 to register. You can pay for that registration here.
Tier 2 will be our FREE challenge. If you're looking for something to motivate you and keep you moving towards a goal, sign up for this challenge. Tier 2 does NOT include our TRT gift card prize, but does include our beloved Challenge souvenir.  
We still want to give everyone an option to opt in without leaving anyone out, which is why we will offer our free tier as well. 

Prizes for Tier 1 are:
75 miles = $10 TRT gift certificate
125 miles = $15 TRT gift certificate
175miles = $25 TRT gift certificate
250 miles = $30 TRT gift certificate
300 miles = $40 TRT gift certificate
350 miles = $50 TRT gift certificate

Challenge begins January 21st, so you must sign up by January 20th. To sign up, fill out our form here:
Please note: if you're signing up for Tier 1, you must submit both your registration and also make sure you've paid for your registration here. Once we have you registered, we will invite you to the appropriate Strava Challenge group and will send you an email with details on how it works**.

For any questions, email us at:


**Must be a part of our Strava group to participate!**
**Even if you participated last year, you must fill out another registration form**
**Please note for Tier 1 participants: only 1 gift certificate will be given per person and will be collected after March 21st based on total mileage completed**